The College of Interreligious Studies offers the opportunity to (further) qualify for professional fields with interreligious and intercultural negotiation processes. Intercultural and interreligious competences and experiences are gained and deepened in addition to a corresponding academic study certified by the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (Austria), especially through practical offers:

  • Live for one (or two) year(s) in an interreligious and intercultural community in the monastery Sankt Bonifaz in the heart of Munich.
  • Become a student in the Certificate Programme “Interreligious Studies” (in English) at the College of Interreligious Studies in Munich. The certificate is accountable as the first year of the Master of Arts in Religious Studies (in German) at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS) in Austria, which can be achieved in the second year.
  •  Deepen your understanding in internships in various religious traditions in a multi-professional team.
  •  Share your experiences with others and unite them both academically & spiritually.
  •  Be part and engage with your personal strengths and interests at the House of Cultures and Religions in Munich
  •  Receive support from competent contact persons.

The College is completed either with a Certificate of Interreligious Studies (after one year), or with an additional Masters Degree in Religious Studies (after two years) at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS) with the possibility to choose from a wide range of specialization opportunities at one of its partner universities of the Crossculture Religious Study Project (Yogyakarta, Nairobi, Haifa, Seoul and Munich) from the 3rd semester in the 2nd year of study.

Intended Audience

The College is intended for people who are open and curious about encounters with people of other nations and cultures. For all those who (would like to) volunteer in religious communities yet unknown to them as well as in the interreligious and intercultural environment.

International an local people, refugees, people with immigration background and international exchange students of various cultures and religions (or without any religious affiliation) live and study together at the College in a small family-like community (14 beds). However, the Certificate course can also be completed externally. The College is open for students of all cultures, religious affiliations and genders. The courses are held by professors and lecturers of different cultural and religious backgrounds. Practical experience in interreligious dialogue, academic reflection and individual personal development is the heart of the College. For the optional Master’s Degree in Religious Studies, German (B2) needs to be achieved by the end of the first year.

It is possible to apply for scholarships.




Costs for Certificate Interreligious Studies (counts as 1st year Religious Studies):
€ 2650,-
College / Appartements with private bathroom and shared kitchen (total rent):
         528,08 € - 727,32 € (single room)
         663,12 € - 892,45 € (double room)
B2 German needs to be finished before the 2nd year.

Costs for the 2nd year MA Religious Studies at Salzburg University (optional):
€ 42,40 per semester EU/EWR Bürger
€ 1495,84 for non EU-citizens, (exemptions apply).
College / Appartements with private bathroom and shared kitchen (total rent):
      528,08 € - 727,32 € (single room)
      663,12 € - 892,45 € (double room)


Timetable Curriculum 2024/2025 as pdf file


Modules Interreligious Studies AE 60 ECTS

  1. Key Concept Religious Studies
  2. Religious Traditions
  3. Religions, Dialogue and Society
  4. Methods of Research
  5. Religions, Spiritualities and Society
  6. Dialogue Society, Ethics and Law
  7. Interreligious Dialogue as Applied Religious Studies
  8. Pedagogic and Analysis of interreligious Dialogue
  9. Dialogue Practice
  10. Final Essay

Option: 2nd Year: Religious Studies MA (1 st year of AE ist accepted to enter 2 nd year of MA Programme. B2 German is needed for entering the 2nd year.

A translation of the Curriculum is available for download here.
The official course description of the Paris Lodron University Salzburg is found here

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