Certificate Interreligious Studies – Modules:


ISM1 Key Concept RS

ISM2 Religious Traditions

ISM2.1 Abrahamitic Religions in Dialogue
ISM2.2 Asian Religions in Dialogue

ISM3 Religions Dialogue Society

ISM3.1 History of Interreligious Encounter
ISM3.2 Theory and Concepts of Interreligious Dialogue

ISM4 Methods of Religious Studies

ISM5 Religions, Spiritualities and Society

ISM5.1 Indigenous Religions and Ethnic Movements
ISM5.2 Interreligious Spirituality

ISM6 Dialogue Society, Ethic and Law

ISM6.1 Multi Religious and Cross-cultural Identities
ISM6.2 Internal Law of Religionen, Dialog Agendas, Ethic and Society

ISM7 Interreligious Studies as applied religious Studies

ISM8 Pedagogic and Analysis of Interreligious Dialog

ISM8.1 Interreligious Paedagogy
ISM8.2 Languages and Intercultural Paedagogy

ISM9 Dialogue Practice

ISM9.1 Internships in Religious organizations and spiritual groups
ISM9.2 Project and reflections


Final Essay final essay and final exam


2.864,50 € (Certificate) or 3.511,22 € (Certificate + Master) + College-Room (600-900€/month).

Start: 1.10.2023
Deadline for applications: 1.08.2023